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01 January, 2009

Alrowwad in Austria, Linz in April 2009

Performances in Linz
Theatre inflames, provokes, causes excitement. The spark leaps across, schools in the region and international youth groups catch it on the wind and fan it into flames.
Of all school projects, drama mobilises the most commitment and creates the greatest enthusiasm. Often it deals with today’s most relevant topics, truly explosive matter. This project, which has so far been confined exclusively to Upper Austrian school and youth drama groups, will look beyond our borders in Capital of Culture year. As a City of Peace, Linz will invite drama groups from regions that are marked by the harshness of their political, social or societal climate. Together with ten Upper Austrian troupes selected by an expert jury these children and teens will put on a varied and exciting programme over four days, which will be of interest not only to their peers but also to culturally inclined grown-ups. Workshops lasting for several days conducted by renowned international artists will supplement the festival’s programme and foster exchange between individual troupes. Two guest productions will make ZÜNDSTOFF a forum where young people from the most disparate backgrounds, cultures and traditions meet. For Linz this is an opportunity to make one more contribution to cultural and societal dialogue and to add to ist reputation as a City of Peace.

Th ursday ’s Child is a play that deals with abuse, rape and prostitution. Maroleng has been abandoned by her mother. Left to her own devices she experiences all the horrors of life in the gutter. The production, with its student cast from Township Alexandra near Johannesburg, won the first prize out of more than forty entries at one of South Africa’s most important theatre festivals, the Zwakala.
CONCEPT / DIRECTOR //Ntshieng Mokgoro




Alrowwad Theatre and Dance group consists of 14 girls and boys aged between 10 and 18, with another four girls bringing up the chorus. The Palestinian youth theatre troupe will bring two productions to Linz.

WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE CAMP presents the Palestinian perspective on the historical background of their country’s occupation.

BLAME IT ON THE WOLF uses the material of classic fairy stories and deconstructs it to reveal a content that is radically different from the prima facie interpretation. What was considered as established fact suddenly turns out to have been false all along and other backdrops come into view. In other words, what is presented is an object lesson warning of the dangers of premature conclusions, which are liable to be misleading.
CONCEPT / DIRECTOR : Abdelfattah Abusrour
WHAT : School drama festival
WHEN : 15 – 18 April 09
WHERE : Hafenhalle09, Landestheater Linz, Theater des Kindes im Kuddelmuddel, Theater Phönix

Zündstoff, Linz 09,
In collaboration with Verein Zündstoff

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