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20 August, 2009

Alrowwad Theatre an Dance US Tour and other video - photo links

Alrowwad has perfromed it's theatre and dance shows with the "We are the Children of the camp" and "Blame the Wolf" plays in Cambridge, Boston, Brookline, Cape Cod at Payomet Theatre, Old Lyme-Connecticut, Glover-Vermont at "Bread and Puppets" and in the Atlantic Theatre in Manhattan - New York.

My interview at Grit's TV in New York
Alrowwad: Blame The Wolf, performed at the Atlantic Theatre in New York
By: GRITtv Friday August 14, 2009 9:00 am

Blame the Wolf, a provocative play performed by the Al Rowwad Palestinian youth theater group, revisits the story of Little Red Riding Hood. But this time there’s a twist. As the trial unfolds, is the wolf really the one to blame? Dr. Abdel Fattah Abu-Srour, founder and director of the Al Rowwad in the Aida Refugee Camp in the West Bank, says that theater is a way of exploring and challenging the world we live in, the stereotypes and prejudices that often shape the way we see others. He’s joined by Kathleen Chalfant, an Emmy award winning actor and supporter of the center. A few months ago, Chalfant read from Caryl Churchill’s new play Seven Jewish Children right here at GRITtv.

Alrowwad on Youtube:Theatre
1. Excerpts from the play “We are the children of the Camp” in France
2. Excerpts from the play : Blame the Wolf (Tour in France and Belgium in 2008)
3. Excerpts from Alrowwad theatre play “Hanzala”
4. Alrowwad Performance for the Pope Benedict VI in Aida Camp - Palestine

5. Bethlehem Checkpoint at 4 a.m, Alrowwad production
6. Carried by the Wind:
7. Opening ceremony of the Alrowwad Second Outdoor Film Festival
8.Closing ceremony of Alrowwad Second Outdoor Film Festival
9. Beautiful Resistance :

10. Excerpts from the photo exhibitions of Images for Life program (US)

11. Final exhibition "Us" Images for Life/Alrowwad Center
13. "Us" photo exhibition life stories "
14.Look who we are (2008)
15.Who am I? Palestine throw Palestinian eyes(2009)

Other interviews:

16. Interviews on TV during Theatre tour in the US, July 18th, 2009: part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
17. Interview at Grit TV in New York, July 26th 2009
18. Choir songs during Alrowwad theatre and dance tour in France and Belgium in June-July, 2008:
19. US theatre tour in 2005: Interview with founder Abdelfattah Abusrour:
20. Folkdance of Alrowwad troupe during the tour in France and Belgium, summer 2008:
21. Ishtar library-Paris – France:


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